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Models / Charlotte Sartre

Height:  160 cm / 5'3"
Age:  24
Measurements:  32A-22-32
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Blue
Weight:  46kg / 101lbs
Nationality:  American
Tattooed babe Charlotte Sartre POV blowjob and swallow

This goth chick, the one, and only Charlotte Sartre just attended a masquerade party. She is together with the lucky guy filming her whole body. This guy got a jackpot on his one-night stand and with just her beauty and her features, it will be a perfect night to cap off. She is wearing...
Who wouldn’t wonder that a woman will get inspired joining porn after watching a Sasha Grey video? She can be a professional accountant, her back up plan but turns out to be the Charlotte Sartre that we are seeing now. At the age of 15, she is already leaning towards entering the porn industry and choose the right path. She might be familiar or not to others but this girl is certainly one of the top tiers when it comes to goth, emo, and taboo niche. Her beauty, her body, and her features fit right in there. It is certainly a perfect blend.

Her second movie, Treat My Ass Horribly at certainly marks her spot on the taboo category. She also got a great list of videos in kinky, nasty stuff such as anal domination, golden shower, etc. This girl loves to get dirty! Charlotte Sartre debuted in the year 2015 and she is only 24 years old. She is about to enter her prime when it comes to her hotness and she gladly was able to share her goodies to all.

Charlotte Sartre got a lot of tattoos on all parts of her body. You can see them on her arms, legs, hands, below her chest, etc. It was all over and every one of it has sentimental value. She also got piercings on her pink nipples making her your perfect goth fantasy. Her perfect firm titties really fit on her and her shaved pussy looks scrumptious. Just by looking at her privates as fresh just like the teens makes you crave for more of her.

But this girl’s specialty is goth, emo and anal. She is a master of it. Just watch her videos and see her beg for a cock on her hungry asshole like a whore. It is really her passion and you can see on her personality that she talks about sex in casual conversation. She isn’t shy of getting dirty with old men or having kinky, BDSM sessions with her fuck buddies. She will sleep with whom she wanted just to please her horny and kinky tendencies. One thing we found different with Charlotte Sartre are her self-taught hobby. She is selling stuffed animals on Facebook because of her taxidermy skills. She is so freaking talented, kudos to this lovely goth chick.

This girl is really hardcore and can really push her partners to the limits. Her will to please her fans with her unique set of skills. Charlotte can really please your fetish as she got a lot of different kinky ideas to satisfy them. She can be your strict, angry dominatrix or your obedient sex slave. Things such as anal fisting, butt plugs, rough sex, BBC are leveled as basic for her. She really explores and does a lot of ideas by the book and that is such a great portfolio for her.

When it comes to hardcore, BDSM and fetish category it really makes sense to follow Charlotte Sartre. She is your typical girl next door who is such a beauty but turns into emo or goth that you want to fuck. She will fulfill your fantasies one by one with her unique skill set. Amazing at such a young age you will see this emo beauty did a lot of stuff that will exceed expectations. Keep it up, Charlotte Sartre!

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