Encounter the vixens of the night!

Hey guys and gals! This week I though I would just get right down to the dirty stuff! You get to be the fly on the wall for a hawt threesome with me and my girls Dorothy and Camille! Were talking two on one ravaging, double gumdrop sucking, and nipple to clit tag team sets! Someone who didn't know any better might think that we were vampires feeding on each other, and in a sense, we are! Especially when the big glass twat tackling dildo comes out for play. It kinda looks like a stake that Van helsing might use on a beautiful defenseless honey pot vampire. The whole scene is reminiscent of one of those lairs the vampire hunters encounter where hot vixens of the night are moaning and writhing about, waiting for their hunger to be quenched. Only in our case, we got that shit covered!