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Bang The Investor

A fresh on the island of Tenerife investor evaluates future investment possibilities on the street. He is on the phone with his business partner, when a rather small but also very attractive distraction walks by...Meet Catalina Devil. At first she stops of course. Italian Ink, the investor, looks like an eyecandy to her. But in general she is only interested in someone who is wealthy. You could say she is the protoype of a gold digger, yeah. That guy wants to pick her up, but since there is no certain sign of wealth is visible she is not interested.That change radically when Italian Ink stops by again with his cabrio sports car. Now that's something! She is right in that car almost without hesitation. They end up at an estate, where they start to have some lust pleasures outdoors.That petite tattooed fucktoy knows her way around dicks even though she is barely twenty. She serves the interests of the guy she fucks at the time. There is this saying: happy wife, happy life, but her case is different of course - happy guy, happy ME. If the guy is satisfied sexually, she gets what she wants at the end.So they fuck at various positions, and the scene ends with a cumshot all over her tiny tattooed body. She applies the jizz she just extracted everywhere as a nice lotion. That is an absolute must under the Spanish sun of course.

Released:Dec 15, 2022
Studio: Only3x
Length:33 min

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