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Shalina Devine
Models / Shalina Devine

Height:  162 cm / 5'4"
Age:  05/17/1986
Measurements:  34C-24-36
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Green
Weight:  47kg / 103lbs
Nationality:  Romania
Shalina Devine wants all your cock into her tight snatch

One of the familiar face appears in the living room. It is the one and only, the beautiful Shalina Devine. You can see that she is in the mood to make love with you. But revealing her kinky side is something of a surprise to you. She sits in the chair in front of you and starts showing...
Classy Shalina Devine romantic anal toying at the bathtub

Late at night, we got to peek what Shalina Devine do inside the bathroom. She is feeling very generous that day. Shalina let the cameraman film what she doing every day before going to sleep. Wearing already her black thong with her tits already exposed, she dips inside the bathtub...
Threesome with Shalina Devine, Silvia Dellai in VR

A VR video with not one but two hotties in front of you. Silvia Dellai and Shalina Devine are obviously in the mood for their naughty antics. Both are wearing their respective black lingeries and their black stockings. You will be amazed on how hot and sexy and you can see who is...
Shalina Devine offers her pussy and butt for luxury

Imagine you are a rich dude sitting on the sofa chilling out and not worrying anything. Then one of your women, a fuck buddy is in front of you asking to buy her a luxury bag. Of course, you won’t just agree to it as you want to exchange. Being a horny one, Shalina Devine knows...
Shalina Devine anal fuck and creampie mostly in POV

We never get tired of Shalina Devine, don’t we? Just seeing her for the first time performing in front of the camera makes you want to crave for more of her. We are glad that Pornstreamlive brought her again here as she is about to make her asshole filled with a huge cock. Wearing...
Episode 8 - Dirty girl in a garage

Our heroes, glamour photographer, J.J., and his pal, detective Bono, have been captured by the bad guys (see episode 7). At the start of our latest scene they are tied by the hands, have been dumped in the trunk of a car and just arrived at a darkened garage at night. Their patience...
Tarts Shalina Devine and Marilyn Crystal get creamed by personal trainer

There is nothing a Gold Digger is turned on by more than a muscled guy - and fitness trainers are a special attraction. Two scorchingly sexy sluts, gold diggers SHALINA DEVINE (from Romania) and MARILYN CRYSTAL (from Ukraine) meet gym teacher Matt Bird and decide they must fuck him!...
Slapping cock into gold digger Shalina Devine`s shaved snatch

Spanish photographer Portro is in downtown Tenerife when he spots a hot gold digger on the other side of the street. This is super-sexy SHALINA DEVINE who is strolling along looking for a rich dude. She looks hot in a dress and very high heels. Portro runs over and asks if he can...

If we are talking about pornstar with big, fake titties we have one model in store for you. Her name is Shalina Devine and this girl is freaking hot. She got that boobs that can flaunt in front of the camera. This babe from Romania was born on 17th of Ma, 1986 in Bucharest and started porn when she was 23 years old. It was 2009 that time and despite not being active in creating new videos she keeps on producing the best ones.

One of Shalina Devine’s best features is her wonderful body. She is able to have a healthy lifestyle and workout so much to maintain her sexy body. Her privates are delectable as well. Her lovely pussy and her big fake tits are definitely mouthwatering. Lots of her fans love her overall package that is why she is popular for the niche she is in. You will be very surprised at what category you will be able to find her.

Shalina Devine participated in niches such as cumshots, threesome, hardcore, lesbians and big tits. She can even get kinky as she is also in a foot fetish. Yes, she has a foot fetish and we love it. But the craziest part of this babe is that she levels up her kinkiness by being a dominatrix. Yeah, you read that right, she can be your resident dominating dominatrix and get ready getting humiliated by the naughty Shalina Devine.

She loves having fun with her slaves. There are videos of her wearing latex, high heels or leather while having a whip or any unique sex toys. Her videos and pictures of her dominating and humiliating slaves are priceless and a must watch for BDSM lovers. Shalina Devine certainly marks her territory in this category.

This naughty babe beside her category and her amazing features really stand out to the crowd. There are a lot of pornstars out there we do thing the same but Shalina Devine does it with style. She wanted the people to remember her, especially in the BDSM niche. We heard you Shalina!

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