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Ashli Orion Confesses In The Gloryhole Boot

Ashli Orion enters the gloryhole boot, which she thinks is a confession boot. But we all know, that this is not what it looks like.

I mean, just by her looks you can tell, that she is not the type who goes to church. Short skirt, slutty top, ponytails... Come on! She gets criticism immediately about said skirt. It is so short, that actually barely covers anything. Her panties are also super sexy, and even the priest confirms that. That priest has other motives for sure than just receiving a confession.

She turns around quite much, so we (and the father of course) can enjoy the pantyless look of her butt. Oh, that's because she was instructed to remove the underwear!

Long story short, a dick suddenly appears from a hole in the wall. This is what the priest ordered. Suck a dick! She complies, and sucks it. She did confess, that she did sins - like out of the marriage sex and such - and how she sucks that cock is just confirms that. You can see the experience in her moves. That is not the first time she does that...

She really enjoys the work on that dong, so she also starts to masturbate a bit. Fingering her pussy, while she is half naked seems like a good fit for her, as that vagina is dripping already from juices. Her perky little tits are pointing to the sky as well.

Jerking on that dick results in the delivery of some holy juices onto her face. The dick slowly retracts from the hole. We hope she did NOT learnt a lesson, and she continues doing what she does - fucking and sucking guys, as she is really good at this for sure.

Released:Feb 21, 2021
Studio: Only3x Special
Length:18 min

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