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Photoshoot Went Naughty

Dulce Katy just arrived in Tenerife and is looking for directions. She meets with our photo guy who

absolutely is ready to give her those directions.

Dulce Katy was easily talked into doing some glamour shots for him. She looks stunning - and

whoever wears such a dress... is ready for some adventure!

She proved that statement right. After just a couple of pictures, she changed into something more

kinky. She has no issues showing her naked body in front of an audience for sure...

By the way, check her tits out! So nice jugs she got... Anyhow our guy, Regio, also noticed that and

whenever she had a chance, he examined them closer. And not just that. They end up making up in

an instant.

The freshly dressed leather dress gets off pretty quickly. Dulce Katy reaches out to Regio's dick

with the passion of someone who is super horny. She might be actually given how easy it is to get

her dressed down. She wants to get fucked as soon as possible.

That girl is really hungry for cock. The way she gives that blowjob to our guy is just magnificent.

Moist, deep to the throat and passionate.

Initial penetration happens quickly as well. She is very wet and ready for that dick in her pussy.

Goes in deep - but she helps herself by tingling her clit. Her wonderful boobs react to those deep

insertions really well.

After various positions, and right after doggy - she gets her face fucked deep. Regio ejaculates into

that sweet face leaving a heavy load of jizz in there. She smiles - she is happy, we are happy. Hope

to see you again soon!

Released:Jul 07, 2022
Studio: Only3x
Length:28 min

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