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Pamela Sanchez Blows The Whistle on the Beach

Our resident busty Pamela Sanchez went on a stroll to the beach. Or well at least nearby the

beach. Anyways she features a nice bikini set this time, which actually focuses on her qualities tits

and ass-wise.

Which is of course a turn on to anybody. This happened to our very own Dominic as well who got

turned on right there and right then. He was absolutely ready for some deep blows on her whistle

(which of course is his penis duhhh).

Pamela was ready to give that. She just grabbed that dong and started to work on it right away. As

a side note - isn't it just perfect living in Tenerife? It can be december or may, you can't tell from this

video as it just looks so casual and warm. (Hint: it WAS december... Winter. Yes.)

Anyhow - she sucked that cock and rubbed her boobs so well that at the end it just exploded into

her mouth and face. Love the closeup on her face when the still hot jizz just oozes down from there.

You loved it as well, didn't you?

Pamela, let's do walks like this more often, shall we?!

Released:Feb 25, 2022
Studio: Only3x
Length:17 min

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