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Bathroom Swallow

This video starts with a bang as this teasing chick Kira Queen showing her big buttocks. She

dances seductively in front of the camera, wearing her favorite red lingerie. We love how she uses

the camera to show off her big booty as it is her best asset. She knows guys would love to see her

butt and here this chick didnt waste time as she immediately shows off her big boobies in front of

the camera. Kira Queen uses both her hands to cup her knockers before getting naked showing off

her sexy, curvy body.

Kira Queen immediately goes straight into the bathtub. She loves the bathtub so much she uses it

on her private time. Just like here on this video as the camera did a great job highlighting her pretty

face before focusing on her wet goodies. We know she is going for it as she uses both her hands to

please her cunt. She caresses her shaved pussy and you can see how horny likes she wants

something. Like a big cock for her to suck. She uses her feet and starts stimulating the

cameramans big cock with it.

Watch how Kira immediately grabbed into that dick. You will enjoy watching the magic of her

mouth, her thick lips, and her tongue as she makes it as hard as it can before trying to giving him a

deepthroat. It is a POV blowjob that is worth watching and she likes to take it slow at first before it

turns sloppy. She uses her saliva to lubricate that dick as you hear the slurping sounds of her

blowjob skills. Kira Queen loves giving us that tempting look. While her mouth is busy, making it

hard the lucky guy to resist cumming into her mouth.

Both changes location and the next angle near the chair. You can see clearly that it started to get

sloppy and did a great job trying to deepthroat that dick as deep as she can. Amazing to see her

blowjob skills in POV and everybody would love to experience what this lucky bastard is having

right now. After an exhilarating minutes of blowjob, Kira Queen wanted to please her partner using

her tits for a quick titjob. It is fucking great to see both of her puppies going up and down of that


Kira Queen resumes her blowjob activity and this time she is licking his balls. The camera changes

angles and you can observe this horny sexy bitch going nuts at that cock. She finally starts begging

for him to cum into her mouth as soon as possible. Watch as she jerks that dick while sucking it as

fast as she can. Watch how she opens her mouth. She waits for that cock to spray all of that load

straight right into her tongue. She couldnt even let a single drop of it as she starts playing with it

before swallowing it all. What a nasty babe, the way that we wanted it. She smiles and lets the

camera focuses on her tits as there are some drops of that cum and she likes it a lot.

Released:Oct 11, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:27 min

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