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Veronica Leal Gets Loco on That Dick

We all know the qualities of latina Veronica Leal so this needs no introduction. Let's enjoy her one

more time in this blowjob scene!

She is good as always - great shaped body, perfectly looking ass and pussy and oh my those

boobs... Just perfect from top to bottom! Veronica has this latina vibe she can't deny. She is always

cheerful, happy and ready for action. Enjoying life is her signature state of mind!

In sync with that mindset after only some quick tease she jumps right on that cock and starts

sucking it. Slowly at start but rapidly warms up to give a good old hard workout on that and never

losing eye contact. Love the frequent deepthroating as well. Afterall she is a pro in giving and

receiving sexual pleasures - no need to deny this.

Little extra she does is ball sucking and busting which is a little kinky but a great addition to the

normal blowjobs we tend to experience. Best is when she deepthroats AND ball busts at the same

time essentially making that dick and balls disappear completely.

In sex lubrication is essential. When you have oral pleasures on the table lubrication is saliva from

the mouth. No shortage of that here for sure! Excess of it drips from the dick onto the floor and

there always is backup coming... When she gags after taking the cock deep in a lot of those juices

surfaces from within.

When they are on the couch her butt points way up into the air and it is just pleasure to the eye.

How perfect she is! Who does NOT want to fuck that pretty little hottie?!

And you know what - you don't even have to fuck her right up. When you see how well she can

suck cock you would really settle for oral play only.

She really is loco when she has her hands on a cock. Playing with it just watching it - all makes her

crazy! For Veronica sex is seemingly the meaning of life and to live.

They switch places and our guy's throat fucks her making some more deep throats by stuffing that

cock inside her mouth deep enough. She has no reservations against that and still enjoys every

second of that.

This little 35 minute session ends with her milking that dick on her knees. The results are inside her

mouth in the form of exploded hot jizz. Before she swallowed it she took some time to play with it a

bit but after that she dropped kisses and said farewell to us. What do we think?

We. Want. More. Veronica. Leal.

Released:Sep 17, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:37 min

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