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Pole Jayla Chews On Sausage

Let's welcome back together our resident pole, Jayla De Angelis, who is here now to chew on some

sausage - which is exactly what you mean it is. Suck a dick.

This time this polish blondie dressed in a black leather one piece top and fishnet on the bottom. Not

saying it is not bitchy, because it would be a lie. It is bitchy. Great thing is that she does not wear

any underwear, so the pussy is visible from the first minute that one piece comes off her - which is

almost instant.

Her boobs are the same thankfully as before. Not too big, yet not too small - just as you would

expect from a real girlfriend. Her big features still are the long blonde hair and the round ass. Those

are what you look for in her. Yes she also has some nice looking, juicy pussy as well. Actually the

up close shots came out so well in this scene about her pussy that I myself once even felt the smell

of pussy when she did some fingering masturbation in the beginning. It smelled great! Who does

not like the smell of fresh inviting and juicy pussy... yummy!

Anyhow, after she turned herself on - our guy arrived. She asked for him actually. She wants her

kielbasa - she wants to chew on a sausage!

We love our meat lover girls, right? So we are in a treat now. She strokes that dick, suck it and

takes it in deeply. Her goal is to extract whatever she can from it. Listen to the sounds of all those

humanly fluids in the process! Note how she gets on those balls and plays with them!

The full process ends with her milking that guy and getting her facial treatment of cum. Before

swallowing she plays with the jizz that just came out. Rubbing it all over her tits, face and such...

Let's hope she is craving some meat more soon so we can see how she treats the next sausage on

her way.

Released:Aug 18, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:39 min

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