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Age Differential Lesbians

These two are finally going at each other after numerous failed attempts. It has been a busy month for these two and they haven't really had a chance to do this. Now is the right time and these two hotties didn't waste any time. The woman in the red bra and thong is Shalina Devine and her lesbian fuck buddy Gina Gerson wearing her favorite white lingerie. Both started to kiss each other romantically with passion. You can see both of their lips and their tongue are all over in the camera in closeup.

The busty Shalina Devine makes her first move as she licks Gina Gerson's tight body slowly. She moves in on her pussy but teases her as she immediately goes back to her. That makes Gina aggressively kiss her and she removes her white panties and Shalina removes her bra revealing her trademark, her small tits, and fresh tight pussy. Gina Gerson proceeds on licking Shalina Devine's toes making her ticklish. She proceeds slowly on the neck, her body before removing her bra. Gina stimulates Shalina's fake tits before licking them. You can see that Shalina's nipples are already hard making the licking session satisfying to watch.

Gina Gerson proceeds on her thong as she removes it and immediately started licking it like her favorite dessert. She really knows how to please her fuck buddy as she slowly licks her pussylips and eats it in different ways as much as possible. You can see on Shalina's face the excitement and her satisfaction. Gina proceeds on fingering her trimmed pussy and you can see that Shalina is already wet inside. She spits on it for added lubrication before changing its position into a doggy style. She licks her plump butt cheeks before revealing Gina Gerson's huge thick dildo.

Watch as she inserted it in closeup. She started to fuck her pussy with her new sex toy while licking her asshole. After a few seconds, you can hear Shalina's moans getting louder as she gets her first orgasm. It is time to return the favor as it is Gina Gerson's turn to cum. Taking a page of Gina's moves, Shalina licks her small tits and her shaved clit as passionate as she can. You can see how excited Gina is with her moans and her epic facial expressions. You can also see her body twitches as she is orgasmic.

Shalina Devine started to lick the dildo like a real dick. She lubricated it with her mouth before she proceeds on using the dildo into her pussy. That emits a loud moan from Gina as you can see how super wet she is with that. They change the position to doggy style too and after minutes of dildo fucking Gina Gerson finally gets her real orgasm. You can see the effect on her body as she is trembling.

Gina can't wait to give back as she aggressively fingers and dildo fuck Shalina's cunt big time. She wanted her to cum as soon as possible. You can see on Shalina Devine's face her expression as she gets her second orgasm. Gina Gerson really knows how to please her lesbian fuck buddies. Certainly, Shalina Devine is one of them and they are both lucky to have them both. They finish the session by licking each other's toes before Gina proceeds on top of Shalina kissing like a real lesbian couple.

Released:May 26, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:39 min

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