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Interracial Mexican Mix

That day is going to be a great day for these two hotties. These gorgeous babes are taking a break on their work as they reserved the villa for themselves. They are in the rooftop, sunbathing under the heat of the sun. They are planning to swim later as these two wears their sexiest swimsuit revealing their sexiness. Watch as both of these two admire each other after taking pics and selfies before planning to apply lotion to each other. These two beautiful and sexy babes, by the way, is Frida Sante, everyone's favorite Latina and Mary Monroe, your number one Russian fantasy.

The naughty Frida Sante volunteered to do first as she applies lotion on Mary Monroe's chest and boobs. You will see how smooth-skinned Mary is as Frida's hands are all over her boobies. Mary does the same as she started with the legs, one of Frida's best features and all over her butt. In fact, the Russian hottie applied lotion all over her body. That makes Frida Sante initiate the move by removing Mary Monroe's panties. Surprise as the latter got sweet tight holes and a lovely butt.

Instead of applying lotion, Frida Sante makes her move as she started to lick Mary's pussy and asshole. Who couldn't resist seeing her goodies bare naked? Of course, the naughty Latina Frida licked the heck out of both her holes and you can see the blonde's Mary getting all wet all of a sudden. Seems she loves Frida's effort of licking and fingering both her holes. It is definitely a scene to watch as you watch how Mary makes go gaga at Frida after that.

Mary Monroe started to lick Frida's hard nipples. The Latina then started spreading her legs wide as Mary goes nuts on her pussy. She fingers it as aggressive as she can as she want Frida to get wet the same as she is. Both gave us a great view as Frida spread her long legs as wide as she can while Frida is busy fingering her. These hotties are super horny as fuck and as soon as they are finish using their tongue and fingers. Frida will surprise her with a newly bought huge dildo.

After lubricating it with her mouth and saliva Frida Sante inserted that thick sex toy on Mary Monroe's pink cunt. With just a few minutes you can see and hear the gorgeous blonde getting her moans louder as she is about to get her first explosive orgasm. Mary Monroe couldn't thank enough her partner with that effort as she gave back as soon as possible. She inserted that huge dildo right into her pussy and Frida really is dripping wet.

Much to our surprise, being addicted getting their asshole pleasured, Frida makes her first step by fucking her blonde partner in her gaping hole. You can see how wet Mery is and enjoy seeing her gaping hole stretch with just a few strokes. She even licks that asshole afterward making Mery return the favor inserting it likewise into Frida. After getting Frida getting the pleasure into her asshole you can hear her getting her orgasm too marking it the end of their sex adventures at the rooftop.

Released:May 10, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:42 min

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