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Little Sucker

It is a good day today as we are about to see one of the recent Asian pornstar we love to watch.

Her name is Lulu Chu and boy she is cute as fuck. Even on her skimpy outfit, she chose the perfect

color pink which really fit on her. This outfit is her first time wearing it and really shows how sexy

and luscious she is. But you are going to see her inner self as she got piercings on her nostril as

well as tattoos on her shoulder.

With that innocent look comes with a naughty self. She admits she really wants some cock to finish

the day and who are we to disobey? But first, she teases in front of the camera showing off her

fresh teen body. You gotta watch how she presents her small titties and those come with some

piercings. Yes, she is unleashing her wild side, she got that. Soon she starts laying down in her bed

and starts to reveal her yummy pussy. Watch Lulu Chu spreads her legs wide and the only lacking

from that scene is a big cock.

The lucky guy removes his pants in front of her and you can see both of her hands struggling to

hold that dick. You can see on her face that she is happy with what she is getting as she starts to

lick it with passion. You will notice from her that her version of giving head is just like a real

girlfriend, and we fucking love that. Gotta love seeing her little mouth struggle with the thickness of

that cock.

With her girlfriend like blowjob, Lulu Chu is trying to please her partner as well by deepthroat

attempts. She cant do that for now but we are loving the effort she is giving. She pauses for a bit as

she tied her long hair and starts doing the job faster. Watch this Asian hottie showcases her

multiple techniques on licking the head of the penis as well as licking its balls.

The camera change on her side and this time the guy guides her on this naughty deed. He starts

her mouth down to his big cock and into her throat. Lulu Chu keeps on doing that and you

will love seeing her struggle for minutes. But we love how she begs on getting her throat fucked.

Both of them spent countless minutes and we werent getting tired seeing Lulu with this sensual but

sloppy blowjob of hers, messing up her pretty face.

Back to POV style, she knows what is coming and she preps that cock by licking its balls. With the

blowjob sounds that she is making plus her pretty face looking at you. We are sure that her partner

is about to release that jizz straight into her mouth. Watch Lulu Chu shows off her tongue filled with

cum and didnt hesitate to swallow it all. Undeniably, Lulu is such a naughty girl. She is such a

pleaser and will please her partner by all means. Lulu Chu finishes the video flashing her cute,

naughty smile.

Released:May 04, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:34 min

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