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Freckles Covered In Cum

Teasing us today is fit ebony babe Alexis Tae, with her blowjob skills. Damn that girl is hot, and how

talented she is omg!

Alexis Tae has an overall "girl from the neighbourhood" feel and vibe. She has that great hair of

hers, very call it relatable face and a nice, fit, healthy body. By the first looks you are sort of

mesmerized because her yellow top just points out how great she is looking! Those tight short

jeans just really the icing on the cake.

Speaking of those pants - under it, and this is a spoiler alert ladies and gentleman, she has

absolutely no underwear at all. And since this becomes evident in the first 3 minutes or so, we can

start enjoy her really nice body very quickly into the scene. The pants were followed by her

aforementioned yellow top, and there is no bra under that either. Really you don't know where to

watch, it is just all candy to the eyes...

Anyways, some closeups reveals, that she has some incredibly sexy freckles! For some reason she

tries to hide that with make up - but you can't fool the trained eye, can you? Thank God for those

closeups, so we can cherish them...

Getting to know that body better, we can see that her tits are small, but really perky and looks just

enough juicy. We would personally avoid that tat below her right breast. It just removes attention

from the general looks of that body you know. Her vagina looks probably even more juicy - like

literally. Those bushes are just crying for some tendering aren't they...

No time to waste - let's jump on that cock! And she does exactly that. She just start stroking it, like

that was what she was doing during all her life. Constant eye contact also helps getting into the

mood. Seemingly she really enjoys giving that blowjob, and big plus, that we have some more

closeups. And closeups are great once again looking at those freckles.

After various super wet suckions, she invites us to her bed to continue. She does not stop there

stimulating that dick. Great talents are demonstrated by varying hand-mouth activities. Deepthroat

possibility is big with this one. She handles that cock very well, even deep under and inside.

Last position of the day, already dripping saliva, is being on the floor and giving a classic "back in

the alley" style quickie. That eventually leads to a very well waited relief of cum all over her face.

Now it is harder to see those freckles, but this way of hiding it is MUCH MORE encouraged. Some

cum also ended up being in her curly sexy hair as well. Isn't there any better view than hot jizz by

the gallons almost dripping all over a sexy body?

We definetely wait back Alexis for some more fun. She performed really well in this PureBJ scene,

and would be nice to see her during hm... more household activities!

Released:Apr 06, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:30 min

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