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Subordinate Lesbians

A submissive slave appears and she is wearing a skimpy, kinky leather outfit in the bedroom. The petite blonde Tiffany Tatum just finished preparing a tea and serve her master, the kinky Amirah Adara. She ties up a leash into her slave and leads her into the bedroom, their sacred place to perform Tiffany's duties. Amirah handcuffs both Tiffany's hands into the bed as she let her wait for a minute. She gave her a surprise as she finally sports her outfit as a real dominatrix with a whip on her hand.

Watch how Amirah starts using her favorite kinky toy, a whip to inflict stinging bites all over Tiffany's body. She starts off by spanking her shaved pink pussy as well as her cute small tits and her luscious pinkish nipples. Amirah later then uses the whip all over her body and Tiffany loves the sting it brings. With all the punishment she is getting finally the master kiss her sensually for a job well done. This is definitely a surprise for Tiffany but she loves the transition from agony to pleasure. Watch the master stimulate her nips with her tongue before fingering her hairy cunt making her wet all of a sudden.

Amirah Adara also slaps Tiffany Tatum's cute butt cheeks. The former wants her slave to eat her pussy by spreading her legs wide. She sits on her pretty face and the slave loves making her master's lovely pussy wet. She also loves hearing her master's moans as she starts licking her clit aggressively. You can see Amirah's tight pussy got really dripping wet as Tiffany keeps on doing it. She licks not only her pussy hole but as well as her asshole making her master gets her first orgasm.

With her efforts, she rewarded Tiffany by unleashing her. She removes her handcuffs and Tiffany bend over her petite, thin body She let Amirah lick her pussy in that position and even lets her slap her butt with a tease. Master gets aggressive as she starts fucking her with her fingers. You can see Tiffany's pink cunt getting wet and juicy with Amirah's raunchy, kinky moves. It is rare to see a master pleasuring her slave with pleasure. Usually, it is punishment at first all throughout. Maybe Amirah is in a good mood that is why she never stops pleasuring Tiffany's delicious, pink pussy.

Amirah Adara is just halfway with the session as she spreads her legs wide and lets her slave lick again her cunt. She requested to even lick her backdoor as well and you can see Amirah's orgasmic faces. Her moans are getting loud and that prompts her blonde slave to keep doing what she is doing. Watch how her body reacts as she cums once again on Tiffany's tongue and mouth. Both get their orgasms after the session and Amirah didn't forget to handcuff her slave once again. Looks like they are going to do it again. This brunette let her slave rest for a while to have some energy later on.

Released:Apr 05, 2021
Studio: Only3x
Length:37 min

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