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Stepsister Lya Missy Wishes You A Good Morning

Lya Missy is known for her attitude in the family. And she is no different this morning - well afternoon - as she rapidly enters the room while you are still resting well. Wake up wake up - she shouts. But why does she do that... You are still resting, right? But sure, you'll wake up. If such a hottie asks you to do it. But hey - she is your stepsister. But you have eyes. Always dreamt about doing something with her body, but it is wrong. But it is? Anyways, she dares to show up in panties and very much almost see through top. What does she think... And she pushes that wake thing so hard. A bit annoying - you must admit. But again, in a very hot way. Hush - let these bad thoughts go away immediately! Thankfully she leaves so this bullet is dodged. But oh no - she is back again. And she removes EVERYTHING on her! She is bare naked! Why? WHY?! She claims she is OK with that, but you are not. Clearly, as even your dick started to react to such a sight. It is just biology that you can't control... She is in the kinky mood this morning it seems, because she removes your blanket to take a look at your dick. She laughs nervously. Oh my, what did you get yourself into... No - you are just a bystander of the circumstances, nothing else. The thing is, that after a little bit of observation she starts to masturbate right in front of you maintaining eye contact. She really is up to something. And finally you give in. You can't stand it. You start to rub your cock. From now on, there is no turning back... She is a good partner in this for sure, as she goes on with that little fingering of her pussy. But she gets closer and closer and puts her pussy on top of her dick. Here we go, it is happening. Her eyes tell you - come on brother, take me! Okay... She rubs her vagina to your dick more intensely by the second, and grabs your hand to stimulate her clit and finger her a bit. Then she grabs that penis and starts working on it. First with hand then she changes the position to start sucking it. In the meantime - you never noticed who perfectly shaped, perky tits she has! Yummy! After a nice session of blowjob she wants to have you inside her. So she sits on top of you. Some hardship with entry, she is tight. But when that cock is inside... The magic happens. Her tits jumping up and down in their perfection and the cock just goes deep in and out. She continues to rub her clit whilst you fuck her. To avoid a premature ejaculation that dick has to come out shortly after it enters. But it is OK, no one blames you. She is a real hottie of a stepsister, and the overall sight she provides with her body and actions is just something nobody can take lightly. To keep up the mood she strokes your cock with her feet and lubricates it with her saliva for easier penetration next time. She is still on top and her tits falling on to you like two big balls of fun really. So if we do this let's do it right! Ans she hands over control so you first fuck her from behind, then missionary. She loves that! She moans continuously and always asks for more with her eyes. At the very end - to provide icing on that cake - you titfuck her and cum all over her nice face and tits. She compliments your load, but there is no time to lose really. You are late and you still need to get up! Was that a dream? Are you still napping?

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